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Sea Start

Sea Start is a natural source of many trace elements combined with Manganese and Zinc not only provides for balanced performance of plants but also enhances plant immunity and but also provides for trace amounts of sulfur and nitrogen to help with trace mineral absorption. It is an optimized product to help return micronutrients to soil. It will fit into any current fertilization program seamlessly and provides a balanced system in which plants grow with reduced stress.

Sea Start is a nitrogen additive with sea minerals, zinc, and manganese to boost soil health. It help crops get off to a strong start, while enhancing hydration, nitrogen fixation, and nutrient uptake.

Sea Start Benefits:

  • Bolsters early nitrogen conversion
  • Enhanced nutrient uptake
  • A boost in dry conditions
  • Stimulate soil biology

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Directions for Use: Do not exceed recommended rates. Fill tank capacity to 50% under continuous agitation. Recommended Rates:

In Furrow: 64 ounces per acre.

Foliar: 64 ounces per acre. Contact you Fulcrum Agronomist for consultation on your specific crops.


2.5 Gallon, 275 Gallon, 2 x 2.5 Gallon Case


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