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READY-MAN Liquid Mn with Boron

READY-MAN® Liquid Mn with Boron is a specifically formulated material designed to achieve compatibility with Glyphosate and other herbicides commonly tank mixed with Ammonium Sulfate (AMS), water conditioners, or other fertilizer salts. A custom blend of compatibility and chelating agents preserves the efficacy of the herbicide while maintaining optimum availability of the manganese nutrient. Manganese is a micronutrient required by plants for carbohydrate and nitrogen metabolism, as well as for chlorophyll production and maturity. READY-MAN® Liquid Mn with Boron is recommended for use on soybeans, peanuts, cotton, and other high manganese use crops.


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Apply READY-MAN® Liquid Mn with Boron at a rate of 1 to 2 qt/ac in 10 to 20 gallons of water per acre. Manganese does not translocate from old to new growth efficiently, so a second application may be required to achieve desired results.

WARNING: Excess amounts of boron can cause plant injury. DO NOT OVER APPLY! Always obtain Boron recommendations from your local agricultural agent before applying.


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