MoFe Blend

MoFe is a nitrogen additive with a blend of molybdenum and iron that works in tandem to help crops get off to a strong start. MoFe can help enhance early photosynthesis by converting soil-bound nitrates into usable amino acids.

MoFe Benefits

  • Unlocking soil-bound nitrogen
  • Enhanced photosynthesis
  • Faster starts

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Use Instructions

MoFe Blend is compatible with most pesticides and can be applied by ground or aerial application. Use sufficient water for thorough and uniform coverage of foliage and/or soil. Mix in the following sequence: water, MoFe, pesticide or fertilizer. Do not mix with phosphate fertilizer.


2.5 Gallon, 275 Gallon, 4000 Gallon Tanker, 5 Gallons


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