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Fulcrum Micro

Fulcrum Micro is an excellent source of water-soluble micro-nutrients. Fulcrum Micro can be blended with other fertilizers or applied alone as a foliar fertilizer. It is compatible with most pesticides, but always use a standard jar test before mixing with other products.


Download the Fulcrum Micro Label

Application Rates

Foliar applied: 16oz.per acre on all row crops, forage, and vegetables.

 •32 oz per acre on fruit/nut trees, hops, hemp, and grass grown for seed.

 •Greenhouse: rate per 100 gallons water – start at 50 ppm, 100 ppm after transplant, 150pm to fruit set, 200 ppm post set.

 Applications/rates should be applied according to recommendations in your approved nutrient management plan.

Mixing Instructions: completely clean sprayer parts prior to filling tank to 50% with clean water. Shake product prior to adding the recommended amount of Fulcrum Micro into tank under continuous agitation and complete tank filing.


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