7.5% Copper EDTA

7.5% Copper EDTA is a fully chelated, liquid micronutrient specifically formulated which has low use rates and is compatible with liquid fertilizers containing polyphosphates and orthophosphate.


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The Function of Copper in Plants:

There are a number of functions or processes that copper is part of in plants, including:

  • A coenzyme (partner) in several enzyme systems, including tyrosinase, polyphenol oxidase, ascorbic acid oxidase, and cytochrome oxidase – is involved in building and converting amino acids to proteins
  • Functions in chlorophyll formulation

Directions for Use:

7.5% Copper EDTA is compatible with most pesticides as well as Orthophosphates, APP, or liquid N fertilizers commonly used in “2×2” placement as a starter fertilizer, in a band, or in a broadcast application. NOTE: Foliar application alone should not be a substitute for soil application. However, if a foliar application is required, 7.5% Copper EDTA may be applied 30 days after planting and before flowering to correct a deficiency. Application rates and dilution factors will vary and depend on crop sensitivity and the amount of foliage to be sprayed. Dilute in a minimum of 50 gallons of water. If there is any doubt, apply the spray solution to a small test area of the crop or foliage to assess any undesirable effects or phytotoxicity before general application. Always conduct a jar test with new tank mixes to verify compatibility.


4% N, 7.5% Cu



Package Sizes:

2 x 2.5 Gallon Case, 250 Gallon Mini Bulk


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