About Fulcrum

Fulcrum Enterprises, Inc., produces and markets specialty fertilizers and liquid micronutrients nationwide. With production facilities in Tennessee, Fulcrum is a leading North American provider of micronutrient fertilizer products, EDTA micronutrients, foliar sprays, and sustainable plant nutrition products. Fulcrum offers significant production capabilities, application know-how, and a deep understanding of the marketplace it serves.

Leading Provider

Fulcrum is a leading provider of quality nutrient products for producers working to build a healthier farm and a more sustainable future.

A Simple Mission

We strive to stand as a leading expert in plant nutrients, offering the highest quality products and customized services that are unmatched.


Fulcrum’s products are designed to help farmers be more successful. We pride ourselves on quality standards at the forefront of the industry.


Quality Nutrients For A Demanding World

Fulcrum Enterprise is committed to maintaining a high standard of service and a constant drive to exceed the expectations of our customers.