A Leading Micronutrient Provider

Fulcrum Enterprises, Inc. produces and markets specialty fertilizers as well as liquid micronutrients nationwide. With production facilities in Tennessee, Fulcrum is a leading North American provider of micronutrient fertilizer products, EDTA micronutrients, foliar sprays, water-soluble products, plant desiccants, and an emerging line of organic and sustainable plant nutrition products. Fulcrum offers significant production capabilities, application know-how, and a deep understanding of the marketplace it serves.

Committed to High Standards of Service

Fulcrum is a leading market provider in several geographical markets, including several regions throughout the Midwest, and South /Southeastern United States. The company is committed to maintaining its high standard of service and a constant drive to exceed the expectations of customers, investors, suppliers, regulators, and the communities that it serves.

Designed to Help Feed the World


In many countries, the supply of fertilizer is as important as the supply of food itself. Stated in The Fertilizer Industry by Murray Park, 40% of the world’s population – 2.2 billion people – depend indirectly on fertilizer for their daily bread. Fulcrum’s fertilizers are designed to help feed the world with environmental and quality standards at the forefront of production and raw material purchasing.

Our Mission is Simple


To stand as a leading expert in plant nutrients, offering the highest quality products and customized services that are unmatched in the industry. At this link, you can learn about our sister organization, Genesis Ag.
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